The art of manufacturing great flow plates

Our first step is to define the nature of your needs. Together we evaluate whether we are a good match and if Cell Impact can help you with your needs. If so, we will appoint relevant experts within our organisation to evaluate the project details and you will get a dedicated account manager that guides you through all steps in our common project. Your account manager secures that you receive the product you need.

Optimizing manufacturability

Our experts are standing by to help optimize your product from a manufacturability perspective. We will support and answer any questions you may have regarding production and material selection. Depending on your requirements, we can assist with simulations or prototype production to evaluate product geometries with. We can also counsel you on coating solutions and help build partnerships that will meet your needs. 

Testing and evaluation

If you need a prototype or small-scale production for testing and evaluation in the application of your choice, we offer flexible business solutions and experts that happily support you either when your testing is successful and you need assessment in upscaling, or if testing is less successful and you need advanced technical trouble shooting. 

We secure your project

Whether you already have a stable product, or your product is under upscaling, our experts will help you realize your project. With the help of premium best practice quality control processes, and world class test and measurement capability, we secure that your products will be of the finest quality and meet your own pre-set quality standards. While your production project is ongoing, we have continuous communication on progress. 

Automated production 

When it’s time for large scale production, we are here for you. We can produce and deliver your products from our 5 000 square meter fully automated, line production facility in Karlskoga, Sweden, or if you want a business partner with production closer to your business - we offer business partnerships with record time- set up of a production near you. Either way, we offer cost-efficient large-scale production of your high-quality products.


We pack your products neatly wrapped and staked in small boxes. Depending on the destination of your products, we ship your delivery according to the option of your wishes. We monitor your shipment and we do not put down our guard until the products have landed and you are content with the result.