Flow plates for hydrogen fuel cells

A world leading manufacturer of customised bipolar flow plates for hydrogen fuel cells and electrolyzers.

Making your hydrogen business a success

With a growing list of global customers and over 50 completed projects, we are the premier bipolar flow plate manufacturer in the world. With our highly successful flow plate forming technology, we can help our customers produce the best hydrogen fuel cells possible.

Three defining advantages

First class design partner

We will improve plate design and fully prepare it for manufacturing.

Large production capacity

At the production site in Karlskoga, we offer prototypes to high-volume manufacturing.

Unsurpassed quality

We offer state-of-the-art leak testing, cleaning options and advanced measurement instruments.

High precision, high impact

Cell Impact Forming™ is a high-velocity forming and manufacturing technology, ideally suited for shaping thin metal coil with high precision in one stroke. Since pattern design and quality are directly related to a bipolar plate’s energy efficiency, this type of forming technology pushes the boundaries for what is possible in terms of hydrogen fuel stack efficiency.

Flow plate production

Our forming technology is specifically designed to manufacture advanced metal flow plates with unrivalled quality. Often it allows our customers to step outside the design boundaries of conventional metal forming methods. With precise control of the whole forming sequence, we can efficiently adjust all machine parameters to produce the best possible flow plate based on our customer’s design.

Flexible production setups

Producing a critical component like flow plates requires a well-specified process covering everything from production and delivery schedules to supply line redundancy and risk reduction. As a global supplier we are well accustomed to the requirements of international customers in various markets, and we provide several options depending on your current situation and growth projections.

Manufactured in Sweden

Your flow plates are manufactured at our state-of-the-art production facility in Karlskoga, Sweden, and shipped anywhere in the world.

Regional Cell Impact production centers

We are actively investigating opening regional production centers for flow plate production that can provide local manufacturing capability to one or several customers. Let us know if you would be interested in this solution!

In-house production

We also offer the option of installation Cell Impact Forming™ production lines on customer premises through partnerships. We provide machinery, training and support, and you would have the flexibility of your own flow plate forming production line on-site.

Multi-sourcing options

For peak production schedules and supply line redundancy, we can offer flexible sourcing options with production of your flow plate at several Cell Impact Forming production centers.

Welcome to Karlskoga!

Cell Impact's main production facility is in Karlskoga, Sweden. With 5,000 square meters of production space, we have the capacity to manufacture millions of bipolar flow plates each year. Easily accessible from Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Oslo, our production center is situated in a town with a long engineering history. This is where Alfred Nobel developed an industrial base for the manufacturing of cannons and ammunition. Today it's home to some of Sweden's most successful companies such as SAAB Bofors Dynamics, BAE Systems Bofors, and Nobel Biocare.

Design for manufacturing

Together with our customers, our goal is to produce bipolar flow plates that meet or even exceeds the customer’s expectations. Before flow plate manufacturing begins, we thoroughly simulate and analyze the flow plate design for potential optimizations. Since Cell Impact Forming™ allows for a broader envelope of design parameters than conventional pressing, many customers see improvements in their original design when using our technology. We also look at tool design, material choices, coatings, and volume production setups. 

At our premises in Karlskoga, we have recently inaugurated our new measuring room with equipment fit to measure flow plates, forming tools, and fixtures. As far as we know, we are the only ones with this type of machine solution. The machines have a starting error of 0.28 my, which corresponds to a one-twentieth of a single strand of hair. 

This gives us better opportunities to measure complex geometries quickly and accurately – on an ongoing basis, and thus help the customer with their product development by connecting the reliable measurement results of the geometric properties of the flow plate with the actual efficiency of the fuel cells. 

Flow plates for PEM electrolyzers

We are currently working with several leading electrolyzer producers to expand our Cell Impact Forming™ technology for electrolyzer flow plate manufacturing. Our goal is to be able to offer the same quality flow plates as for hydrogen fuel cells, but in thicker materials and with the different designs often used in electrolyzers. 

Interested in learning more?

Contact Henrik Jackman to learn more of how we can help you with electrolyzer flow plates.