Press release

31 March 2021 15:54

Cell Impact Japan Inc. office now opened

Located in the Minato-ku district in central Tokyo, Cell Impact Japan Inc.'s mission is to market and position Cell Impact in the growing Japanese hydrogen economy.

The company will focus on already established activities and initiate new efforts to have fuel cell manufacturers and the automotive industry explore opportunities for Cell Impact's flow plate production technology Cell Impact Forming™.

Cell Impact Forming™ is a new proprietary production technology to manufacture advanced thin metal flow plates for PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) hydrogen fuel cells. The technology is environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, has low maintenance costs, and is suitable for both prototype- and high-volume production series of flow plates.

The company's newly appointed Managing Director, Mr. Shigeru Nakagawa, has a successful track record of finding and developing new business opportunities within Japan's innovative economy.

"I'm very pleased that Cell Impact now has a local presence in Japan," says Pär Teike, CEO of Cell Impact. "The ambitious declaration last year by the Japanese government, of carbon neutrality by 2050, includes over 19 billion dollars in hydrogen technology investments. And with Japan's high level of innovation and large automotive industry, we want to be present as it happens," Pär Teike concludes.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Pär Teike, CEO, +46 73-024 06 84 or

About Cell Impact

Cell Impact AB (publ) is a global supplier of advanced flow plates to fuel cell manufacturers. The company has developed and patented a unique method for high-velocity forming, Cell Impact Forming, which makes it possible to produce flow plates with more advanced designs, which in turn creates more cost and energy-efficient fuel cells compared to conventional forming methods.

The Cell Impact share is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market and FNCA Sweden AB is the company's Certified Advisor (CA). Contact info: +46 8-528 00 399 or