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Welcome to our Investor pages. Our objective is to continuously inform the capital market about Cell Impact and the company’s position, operations and development.

Cell Impact AB is a global supplier of advanced flow plates to manufacturers of fuel cells and electrolyzers. By using a scalable unique forming technology – Cell Impact Forming™ – we can efficiently produce high quality flow plates in large quantities. Our technology is significantly more compact, less resource-intensive and with a lower environmental impact than conventional production methods.

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February 2024

2023 Q4 Year-end Report

CEO comment Q2, 2023

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2023 Q3 Interim Report

Cell Impact – one of the 50 fastest growing tech companies in Sweden

The demand for climate tech is huge – and it has been a main driver for making Cell Impact one of the 50 fastest growing companies in Sweden. In the video, CEO Pär Teike explains what lies behind the growth of the company – and the transition of the global energy system.

One of the world's most precise measuring technologies provides good conditions for developing customers' product design

Proudly introducing our new measuring capabilities. As far as we know, our measuring equipment is cutting-edge in the flow plate industry. The measuring is as precise as it can be – down to one 20th of a strand of hair. This investment enables us to assist our customers even better in their design and product development through quick and extremely accurate measurements of complex geometries in flow plates and tools.