Sustainability vision

Environmental responsibility

Cell Impact shall revolutionize the global energy system and combat climate change that threatens the world as we know it today. The company shall protect and develop its environmentally friendly and scalable technology, providing sustainable solutions to the challenges that the hydrogen society faces today related to mass producing flow plates.

Social sustainability

Cell Impact’s workplace shall be characterized by diversity. The company is convinced that this creates the best conditions to be an agile, innovative and commercially sustainable business. Everyone shall have the opportunity to contribute to the company’s success and be included in a strong community that allows for constant learning.

Sustainable business management

Cell Impact’s management structure shall be characterized by a long-term perspective. Processes and routines shall be well-organized and clear, illustrating how they serve the company and balance the needs of stakeholders. Management procedures shall also be simple and scalable, meeting real needs by making it easy for people to do the right thing. The company and its employees shall undertake to adhere to high ethical standards and act responsibly towards each other, shareholders, customers, partners, and society.