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Welcome to Karlskoga

Karlskoga is situated in the central part of Sweden, some 230 kilometers west of Stockholm and 300 kilometers northeast of Göteborg. 

Karlskoga is set within a beautiful natural landscape characterized by forests, lakes, and rolling hills. The town has a significant industrial history, primarily related to engineering and manufacturing. Today, Karlskoga is a vibrant community with a mix of industrial, residential, and natural areas. 

If you’re driving from Stockholm, you take the E18 highway westbound for approximately 250 kilometers until you reach Karlskoga. Should you prefer train, you’ll depart from Stockholm Central Station but you will probably have to change train in Hallsberg. Whether you choose car or train, the journey takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. 

When driving from Göteborg, you would take the E20 eastbound, change to road 26 just after Mariestad, and then finally choose the E18 in Kristinehamn towards Karlskoga. The train departs from Göteborg Central station and arrives Kristinehamn, where you have to catch the bus to Karlskoga. Both alternatives take approximately 4 hours. 

Should you prefer flying, the closest airport is situated in Örebro, from where you’re advised to take the train or rent a car. 

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Daniel Vallin

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