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Cell Impact was founded in 1999 in the home town of Alfred Nobel with a focus on improving existing and conventional forming methods. Cell Impact provide solutions that gives our customers a competitive edge and adds to a more sustainable society.

In 2013, Cell Impact listed on Nasdaq First North and raised capital to fund the commercialization of its unique High Velocity Impact Technology.

The company is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.




The power of speed makes
the impossible possible

The core of Cell Impact’s technology is a unique High Velocity Impact Unit particularly suited for flow plate manufacturing. In its “raw” state it was too fast and powerful for any industrial manufacturing process. Therefore, Cell Impact have made considerable engineering efforts to bring the speed and power of the High Velocity Impact Unit under control – i.e. harnessing the raw power and unleashing a controlled speed which is still so fast that it is probably unique and unparalleled in this industry.

This technology in combination with extensive design and manufacturing knowledge makes Cell Impact well positioned to capitalize on the fast growing fuel cell market.

We believe our technology is the most cost efficient manufacturing process for flow plates available in the market today.

Today we offer higher quality and lower production costs

Cell Impact’s manufacturing methods enable higher performance and lower production costs backed by several years of experience from tests, prototyping and manufacturing.

Our vision is to be a contributor in the society’s migration to a sustainable environment