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  • Aug16

    Cell Impact receives Chinese orders on flow plates for fuel cells

    Cell Impact has received an order for bipolar flow plates for a stationary application with a value of approximately MSEK 1 from a new Chinese customer. The aim of the order, in addition to delivering flow plates, is to produce an optimized bipolar plate adapted for cost-effective production at high volumes. It falls within the framework of cooperation where each party contributes with its technical expertise in the fuel cell area. The order will be executed on a regular basis over a period of about one year, and is intended for the growing Chinese fuel cell market.

    For a while, Cell Impact has produced short-range flow plates to other global fuel cell players. This order to another player in China is a sign that both China’s focus on the environment and Cell Impact’s investment in the China market is progressing against the expectations of fuel cell technology.

    The order is within the company’s important focus area against the production of flow plates for fuel cells. The parties have the objective that after completion of delivery, it will be possible to expand into more extensive cooperation.